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The Team

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Our Valuable Team Members

Shop owner Ray

B & C Auto Repair

Ray has been in Vista, CA all his life. He started working for his dad in 1968 when the shop opened. In the 80s they offered computer classes to teach other shops engine computer diagnostics system and ABS brake systems. In 1997 Ray took over for his Dad. Now he is training his son in the family business.

Cecelia Book Keeper

B & C Auto Repair

Cecelia moved to Vista, CA in 1965. After retiring from a 20 year career in pharmacy, she became the bookkeeper at B & C Auto Repair. Cecelia is the customer relations face of the company.

Mechanic Cory

B & C Auto Repair

Cory is the third generation working at B & C Auto Repair. He is passionate about the family business and plans to continue the tradition of pride and quality. His focus is the new technology including hybrids and new computer systems diagnostics including the Ford Scan Tools. His passion for automotive repair dates back to his first valve adjustment.

Shane Mechanic

B & C Auto Repair

Since 2003 Shane has been working with his hands on Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Shane has been working for B&C Auto Repair since 2016 and has brought lots of new problem solving ideas to the team. Shane has now become our lead technician for gas and diesel, being able to perform every repair or upgrade we offer here.

Matt Mechanic

B & C Auto Repair

Matt was hired in 2018 and he has been our go to tech for customer wiring and module installs. Learning to custom wire multiple custom add-ons to vehicles and making them work together. From programming modules with Ford, Chrysler and Gm to aftermarket additions where there is very little support. Matt has shown his true knowledge in electronic technology.

Mechanic Stephen

B & C Auto Repair

Stephen was hired in 2021 and was a huge help to the business growing as he had lots of suspension repairs under his belt. As we have grown in to building more Carli Suspension kits and custom builds he has the mindset of how things need to get done. He is a go-getter when it comes to large jobs from diesel engine replacements to custom building brand new trucks.

Aaron Mechanic

B & C Auto Repair

Aaron has been with us since 2022 and finding him was a diamond in the rough. Young in age but knowledge like he has been doing this for 20 years already. He had no diesel knowledge before coming to work for us but he retains information so good that we can explain it to him one time and he can get the job done. He has learned a lot from working here and taught us alot from working in different weather conditions we have not worked in. All around technician and is focusing his career in engine electronics and diesel.